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Genotype-by-Climate Cooperation?s in On Going Back Torment

Pradeep Suri

The quantitative outcomes revealed a statistically significant reduction in pain intensity and improvements in functional capacity among participants engaged in virtual reality torment training. Psychological factors, including reductions in anxiety and depression scores, further underscore the potential for immersive experiences to positively impact the mental well-being of individuals with chronic low back pain. Qualitative feedback from participants highlighted the acceptability and feasibility of torment training exercises within the virtual environment. The immersive nature of virtual reality not only provided a distraction from pain but also fostered a sense of confidence in performing daily activities. The safety profile of virtual reality exposure was favourable, contributing to the growing body of evidence supporting the use of this technology in clinical settings. As we consider the implications for clinical practice, the integration of virtual reality into existing healthcare frameworks emerges as a viable and patient-centric option. The individualized nature of virtual reality interventions allows for tailored therapy, acknowledging the diverse needs of patients with chronic low back pain. Moreover, the potential scalability of virtual reality technology opens avenues for broader implementation within rehabilitation and pain management programs.