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A reprint is a copy of an article or advertisement. They are available exactly as originally printed, on 70# glossy paper. Reprints can be ordered in black and white or full color.

Reprints can be customized with additional typesetting, logos and covers including supplementary information published online, product codes, info about your project/organization, a CV/résumé, and biography/advertisement. Additional fees may apply.

UPS Ground or International shipment is included, and faster shipment is available at extra cost. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery depending upon the location. Royalty and shipping cost will be varying depending on the number of reprints required

We offer a reprint service for those requiring professional quality reproductions of articles. Reprints are produced from the final PDF of the article. We even provide reprints of a particular Issue or a Volume or entire Journal.

A minimum of 50 copies of any article with a final PDF can be ordered by providing complete details in the below form.

Please fill in ALL the fields of the form below and we will endeavor to fulfill your order as quickly as possible.